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Technical Guides & Support Listings
Experts Exchange
Thousands of experts answer technical questions, which are posted on site by subject area. Focus is on computer queries.
Guides, news, and discussions for technologies ranging from PCs and software to security and digital imaging.
Answers computer and software related questions.
Forbes Computer Technology Group
Specializes in support and integration services, and training.
Geeks By Minute
Offers live, 24-hour technical support for computer and software problems.
Genie PC
Provides integrated support services to large and medium-sized corporations.
Help with PCs
Offers a jargon buster, tips and tricks, an HTML guide, and more.
Offers forums to discuss operating systems, hardware, routers and switches, database and application servers, and more.
Marketplace where people buy and sell software, technical expertise, code, or other intellectual property.
How To Speed Up Your PC
Offers tips and tricks for making PCs operate and boot faster.
Intel Russia
Online technical support for the Russian Federation.
ISPN Helpdesk & Engineering Services
Offers outsourced Internet tech support and help desk services for a variety of operations.
Midori Services
Provides technical support services, help desk services, or need help managing your businessís technology, Midori is source for support.
My PC Helpline
Offers phone and Internet PC support services.
Offers customized software and hardware help, including tips, FAQs, message boards, and chats.
Helping people use the Internet.
Online Computer Service Network (OCSN)
Providing computer professionals and businesses with online support and solutions.
PC Hell
Computer hints and tips to bring you back from the edge. Covers removal of viruses, glossary of commonly used terms, and useful links and resources.
PC Show and Tell
Free Internet-based software tutorial library of voice-enabled shows, including help on Word, Excel, PowerPoint, ICQ, and more.
PC Technology Guide
Aimed at the hobbyist or interested novice. Covers the technology behind the PC and includes explanatory graphics and an integrated glossary.

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Technical Guides & Support