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ActivatorDesk Internet Desktop
ActivatorDesk is an internet desktop and browser program you may install to experience a faster more secure Windows and Internet. It may be used for simple safe internet filtering for your kids, or as an advanced frontline security shield.
Information Security and Network Architecture Service
Better Email Enable Everything (BEEE)
BEEE encrypts & emails critical logfiles automatically to your email account
Risk Management Platform
ComSense Technologies
Offers authentication card.
Content Technologies
MIMEsweeper for protecting networks from threats via email and the web.
Create Accounts
Free tool to create password protected web-site areas
Cypherpunks Tonga
A center for research and development of cypherpunk projects such as smartcards, onion routing, pgp, secure network tunnels, and anonymous services. Requires Secure Socket Layer capable browser.
Software which can help keep a stable system and prevent against viruses.
e-fense, Inc.
Provides full-life cycle network security support integrating security prevention and maintenance services with investigative and legal expertise.
Encryption services to prevent HTML code theft and copyright infringement.
Prevent users from saving permanent changes to the hard drive. Each time the PC is rebooted, all changes made by the user are reversed.
Gibson Research Corporation
Internet security resource featuring Shields Up - tests your PCs ports for resistance against hacking and a CIH virus recovery tool.
Software solution to address the growing threats to Web-based applications and services.
Phaos Technology
Security development solutions for the Internet, such as SSL, S/MIME, PKI and Certificate Management.
Enterprise-wide password synchronization, management and single sign-on. Secure, reliable, cost-effective file transfers of mission-critical data over your network and/or the Internet
Sanctum, Inc.
Solutions for securing web applications.
Online shopping protection software
Desktop software program combined with a Web based service providing you with Sign-up Wizard, Password Manager, Form Filler and E-mail Screener services.
Skygate specialises in IT security providing products, consultancy and software/application development to organisations. These include a two-factor authentication solution, BS7799 based security consultancy and audits, and Linux consultancy and development.

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