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Organizations (4)
Privacy Listings
Offers free proxy lists, anonymous surfing tools,proxy checkers, privacy and security news.
Big Brother Inside
Criticisms of Intel's Processor Serial Number (PSN) feature on its Pentium III chips. Argues that the PSN endangers internet users' privacy.
Information Archives
Reference archives to assist in navigating the Internet safely.
Internet voting
Description of internet election system ?i-voting? which is based on an anonymous tripartite electronic signature.
My Own Data
Privacy resource that empowers Internet users to regain electronic privacy. Tools for protecting email privacy, and how to have information removed from direct mail, email and opt out of telephone lists.
PerfectlyPrivate, Inc.
Offers news, privacy tools, free privacy bulletins and product reviews.
Personal Infomediary Center
Offers resources on personal privacy, identity protection, identification management and protection on the Internet.
Privacy and Spying on the Internet
Documents and explains privacy issues on the internet and offers solutions.
Privacy Guard
Online resource and discussion forum for views on privacy and maintaining internet security.
Privacy Law Playbook
Keep up to date on the latest privacy law developments that affect you and your company.
Privacy Resources
Issues affecting privacy, security, anonymity, and encryption on the internet.
Privacy Scan
Information on computer privacy issues, policy and legislation in Canada.
Informs about Internet privacy issues, demonstrates the information about you that is available to web sites when you visit.
Spyware Online
offers anti-spyware and adware software information for removal, detection, filtering, blocking, and monitoring on a business or child's computer.
Spyware Watch (UK)
Site about Spyware & Adware privacy issues including updated Spyware news, software downloads and Spyware forum.
Offers internet privacy software and ad killing software.
Security and privacy issues for Internet users.
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