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1010 Net/Soft Systems
Canadian company offers biometric systems design and integration.
AcSys Biometrics Corp.
Provider of neural technology applications for the financial, manufacturing, security and medical sectors. Owns exclusive worldwide HNet license for face and speech recognition applications.
Aditech Ltd (UK)
Distributor of Iriscan equipment in Europe, total solutions provider and technical support.
Aeon Systems
London-area company offers intruder alarms, CCTV and access control systems. Specializes in monitored systems.
AIMS Technology Inc.
Company specializes in biometric identification involving the fingernail nailbed.
Almex Ltd. (USA)
Hand and fingerprint recognition devices vendor.
Anovea Authentication Technology Inc
Speaker authentication technology: design of complete, custom authentication solutions using speech, fingerprint and other biometric modalities for enterprise computing, e-commerce and telephony markets.
App Informatik Davos
Visual and/or Automatic Signature Verification
AST (Spain)
Fingerprint authentication systems for access control, software
ASTRON Advanced Technology Solutions (PL)
Vendor of biometrics security products, fingerchip scanners, hand geometry, iris, face and voice recognition.
AuthenTec, Inc
Manufactures biometric fingerprint scanning engines for OEM.
Automa (Australia)
Offers fingerscan units for IT security systems, time and attendance applications, and access control.
Autostar Technology Pte Ltd (Singapore)
A Hardware and Software Developer and Solutions Provider for fingerprint recognition and identification on access control and time & attendance systems.
Axcess Inc. (USA)
Fingerprint reader in a RFID-tag.
Axis Software pvt ltd (India)
Integrated Biometric Solutions based on fingerprint, iris scan and face recognition for internet, intranet, home banking, access control and criminal investigation.
Bergdata GmbH, (Bonn, Germany)
Fingerprint recognition with Thomson-CSF thermal fingerchip
Bioacesso (Portugal)
Retailer of access control and time and attendance products using finger and iris recognition.
BioEnable Technologies (India)
Online retailer offers a selection of different biometric hardware and software solutions.
Offers Active-X development kits that allow integration of fingerprint security into existing applications and web sites. Supports most fingerprint scanners.
BioLink Tchnologies International, Inc. (USA)
full line of biometric products: U-Match BioLink Mouse(tm), a BioLink-enabled PC line, authentication servers for speed and additional security, and a secure e-commerce protocol for Internet transactions.

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