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B Listings
Bachelet, Bruno
Computer Science (free C++ source code, Java applets and documents), Origami, Cinema.
Baker, Miles
About, photos. ASP.Net example source code, links.
Bednar, Joby
About, resume. Application and games. ASP, C#, C/C++, Visual Basic sources.
Bender, Greg
Links to selected news articles related to programming. Open source Schedule Maker (PHP). Also photos, forum.
Bergmann, Frank
Freelance consultant and instructor. Features slide shows from university presentations, current projects and professional activities.
Bloom, Charles
Personal info and resume. The 3D section (demos, articles), compression source code, Java apps, ChukShell. Physics section. VGA planets section.
Bolton, David
CV, articles on web robots, games programming.
Bonnell, Ralph
Personal/Business Home Page. South Florida Linux Solutions. PHP, MySQL, and Perl programming.
Brumm, Michael R.
Current projects, interests. Resume.
Bryden, Chris (Neonbox)
Autor's personal projects: ext2lib - a Linux ext2 filesystem reader for Windows. Linux Backup System. TINI - Details of how to connect an LCD module to a TINI board, with example code. Java, JSP and SQL programming information and links.
Bubbler, Kevin - Chickenfrier
Programming and help for Visual Basic, HTML, CSS. Clipart, web design.
Bull, Graham M. (Annatek Research)
Software programmer. Some utilities and games with sources (C, C++).
Bull, Sharon
A variety of materials for students of computing including web site design, programming, formal methods. Also meaning of life, joking, read recommendations, music, and poetry sections.
Bulten, Bryan
Open source software written in C, C++ and C#. Information about the author, portfolio, links, and interests.
Burrough, Bob
Code archive, software recommendations, resume, software development tools.
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