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Open Croquet
Was Tea. Software architecture for deep collaboration between user teams, highly portable, full development and delivery platform, united user and development environment, Squeak extension, bit-identical, on many platforms. [Open Source, Squeak License]
Squeak News Electronic Magazine
First, and so far only, E-zine on Squeak. Latest information as monthly free email, website, or full CD-ROM edition with software. Prominent gurus will regularly contribute.
Free, open source, open research, super portable, new Smalltalk-80-based language, written in itself, by Smalltalk's inventors, the (nomadic) original Xerox PARC, Alan Kay team, now founding the Viewpoints Research Institute. Runs on 22+ platforms, hardware and OS. 'Next to universal access, malleability is the prime figure of merit for Squeak. It is our intention for Squeak to evolve.' Now hybridized with the Self language's Morphic User Interface Toolkit.
Here the mouse roar; Squeak goes turbo! More than any website so far, this one implements the largest piece of the original Xerox PARC Learning Research Group's vision for programming and education. Free downloads: run Squeak from within your web browser (free plugin), software, program sharing/exchange areas, Alan Kay essay.
Viewpoints Research Institute
Nonprofit organization dedicated to improving general education and understanding of complex systems, more so by using new inventions in interactive constructive computing, directed by some of the greatest minds in computer science.
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