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Scripting Listings
PHP, PERL, JavaScript, ASP script and programs, tutorials, articles and books.
Samples and examples of scripts in todays common scripting languages. Note: May not support some browsers.
Articles and examples. WSH, VBS, HTA and Python scripts.
KiXtart HelpDesk
On-line manual, forum, scripts, downloads, links.
A guide for webmasters and developers who are in search of CGI, Perl, or PHP script archives.
An Internet script directory of Web programming-related resources and scripts on CGI, PERL, ASP, PHP, Javascript, VBScript.
Scripting Help
Message board for help in programming using scripting languages including PHP, Python, ASP, JSP.
Scriptol Php
It is designed to be natural, safe, very powerful, and to allow you program computers, not only very quickly but also with pleasure. The personal edition is free. Both the personal and enterprise version produce Php code from Scriptol code.
Showme Scripts
Directory of asp,cgi,php,java,javascripts and scripts related resources.
T&D Systems
Offer you the original solution using practically all most well- known means: C/C++/Java/Perl, Oracle/mySQL/PostgreSQL/Microsoft SQL, PHP/ASP, HTML/JS/Flash.
Script directory of Web programming-related resources and scripts.
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