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1StopPopup?s JavaScript Popup Creator
Makes JavaScript popup window code.
Free JavaScript code, including Date/Time script in ISO 8601 format.
AccessObject-JavaScriptDatabase the javascript database
Freeware relational javascript database, can be used client and server side(ASP) and includes cookie methods for passing a javascript database about a website.
Free popup rotator, popup reviews and anti-popup blocker code. [Commercial]
Bentstone JavaScripts
JavaScript card games, slideshows and some fancy visual effects.
Development Resource & JavaScript Public Archive Center
A Free Web Development Resource & JavaScript Public Archive Center.
This Javascript library allows to build Web sites that have about the same graphic functionalities as Windows or Mac applications. And the same look if wanted.
Add javascript Popups Announcements to website. Popup content can be easily changed by the website owner - from the Popup itself. Requires registration (Free) and easy install code.
JavaScript Popup Window Generator
This windows application will allow users to create JavaScript Popup Windows in under 2.5 minutes. Variety of features and abilities to tweak out popup window performance.
A dynamic HTML image viewer written in JavaScript.
Nic's JavaScript Page
Variety of free javascript examples for web sites.
PopCalendarXP And FlatCalendarXP
The javascript calendar with themes support. [Freeware and Commercial]
Offers free JavaScript popup code generator and specialist popup development and installation services
A library of JavaScript foundation objects. It includes cross-browser implementation of a button, checkbox, progress bar, counter, overlay window, dialog box. Total there're 14 objects in the collection and this count is growing. [Open source, GPL]
Search Maker Pro
Allows you to create a web page that contains a search engine. You can place this code on your website to enable a site search.
Send A Link
JavaScript tools that enable your web page visitors to bookmark your site, send an email about it to a friend, or make it their homepage, or with a single mouse click.
Simple Script Security
JavaScript crypto library for protecting web documents, and easy-to-use interface for non-programmers.
A JavaScript site search engine. It works with any browser that supports JavaScript 1.3 and at least partially supports the W3C DOM Level 1. [Open source, GPL]
Universe Online
Navigation menus, DHTML menu builders, JavaScript buttons, spreadsheet solutions, database components, stored procedures and JavaScript drop downs.
Collection of Javascripts with code generation facility.

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