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Provides a J2EE application framework to shield developers from the complexities of J2EE. [Commercial]
Offers distributed nested transaction products using JTA, JTS, and SOAP. [Commercial]
An application server component framework, includes logging, thread pooling, and scheduling. [Apache]
Open source, servlet-based, presentation framework. Includes project mailing list, FAQ, and documentation.
Casbah Project
Java-based Open Source Application Framework. [Open Source]
A suite of server-side Java Servlets and JavaServer Pages, with supporting client-side Java applet/JavaScript code for image intensive web applications. [Commercial]
Framework for web applications that takes care of the common processing that happens for every request, thereby relieving the author of an application servlet from having to worry about them. Uses WebMacro, servlets, and MySQL. [Open Source]
JOT Servlets
Software framework for publishing dynamic content, separating out and automatically re-combining programming logic with presentational HTML. [Commercial]
A J2EE-compliant integrated development framework for rich Java/Swing client. It includes predefined main windows and dialogs, embedded authentication and authorisations at menu, window and field level, and remote logging. [Free for evaluation and development]
A web application framework for J2EE. It is based on a concept called 'Pull HMVC' (Pull Hierarchical Model View Controller). It supports an arrange of view technologies - XSLT, JSP, Velocity, Applet. [Open source]
realMethods Framework
A complete implementation of the core J2EE design patterns; a collection of independent components/services brought together as one cohesive framework. [Open source, GPL]
Root River Systems
Server-side reporting without need for an AWT. [commercial]
Simple Java Architecture For Database Access and Servlet, JSP Appications
JAR library including database access bean, implementation of a bookmark for JSP, client/server architecture to call remote method using http protocol and a servlet container as server, implementation of a cart. [Freeware for development and non-commercial use]
Swing-like servlet API for constructing HTML-Javascript interfaces which are programmed very similarly to Swing. [Commercial]
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