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Chui, Steve
Profile, resume. Photo gallery. Demonstrate how to use Java Swing to create virtual desktop environment within a browser.
da Klown, Jogee
Bio, resume. Beerpub is a J2EE application that publishes MPEG3s streams through a web interface.
Java programming and certification. Tutorials, mock test, source code. Sindhi language and Ulhasnagar city info. Photography.
Farinha, Daniel
About, CV. Java resources and sources. Artificial Intelligence section. Favorite games section.
Feldman, Alexander
Resume. Programming examples (Java sources). Also navigational photo of Munich city from space. German-Russian words translation. And photo album.
All sorts of Java applications and applets. Free Java source code.
Gallant , Gervase
Collection of personal articles, applications, applets, source code, and links.
Gulland, Alastair
Music, photos. JSP and servlet courses. CalendarTag servlet demo. Links.
Gurney, Jason - amoebacode
Open source Java software and online projects. Including Google Index (A tool that leverages Google Web APIs to create updated indices for's Sports Guy and The Onion), FTP Client, Blackjack (Swing-base game applet), SnippetTransformer (An application that searches for segments of HTML or RSS from external web sites, transforms them using XSLT, and incorporates the results into web pages).
Heaton, Jeff
Author and consultant who teaches at Saint Louis Community College at Meramec. Includes information on latest books and articles about socket-level spidering and artificial intelligence programming.
Hooke, Kevin - Kevs Development Toolbox
Collection of home-grown java development utilities for download (xml formatter, classpath searcher, and xsl transformer). Example java applications and source code for download. Also collection of html and javascript code.
Johnson, Kelly
About, photos. Java 2D graphics applets. Half Life area.
Just Java
Java Software, FAQs, Books and the hack Furby challenge. Famous Java author Peter van der Linden's site.
Kalishev, Kirill
About, CV, Java projects. Extreme programming resources.
Kazmi, Zeeshan
Includes resume and downloadable samples.
Launay, Nicolas
Includes sampling of demos, code, graphics, Java development, resume, Game programming, and photos.
Marshall, Andrew - The Java Resource
Java tutorial, examples of code and applets. Links.
Mathur, Pankaj
Information about author (including photos). Also java applets and links for other resources related to Java and Linux.
Morrisey, Rory
Resources to get beginning programmers started with Java.
A few Java games and applets, mostly with source code, free to download and use as you wish.

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