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Commercial Listings
The high-end full-featured Cross-Platform Java IDE & Source Code Engineering (SCE) solution for Linux, Windows NT and Solaris from NetComputing GmbH. [Commercial]
Cirquet Solution Suite
A IDE and set of software tools and APIs that ease the task of creating, assembling, distributing, managing, accessing, and using customized component-based software. Enables developers to rapidly assemble together components, including Java Beans, Enterprise Java Beans, into distributed applications at run-time. By Improv Technologies, Inc.
Java RAD and WORA tool with XML support, generates Java source code in an easy to use GUI environment. The user can drag and drop objects in the work space to generate source code, compile and run it. [Commercial]
A development tool and framework for Java Beans focused development.
eVisNet Spirit(TM) visualJava tool
Full consulting services for the creation of Java applications. Spirit(TM), the Java tool that allows non programmers to create Java Applications, Beans, and Applets. Spirit is fully visual, requiring no knowledge of the Java language. [Commercial]
Provides template-based code development. [Commercial]
inteRAD build-IT
Rapid Application Development environment which tries to remove the need for coding as far as possible. [commercial]
Development platform for Java. Based on Thin Client architecture. Manages the source code, compilation, running, other resources and functionality on a centralized server. Develop J2EE, Wireless, Web Services, Swing applications. Well integrated with JBoss, Tomcat and MySQL.
Omnicore Software
Producers of CodeGuide, a graphical integrated development environment for Java. [Commercial]
Simplicity for Java
Java app and applet development environment for any Java-enabled platform. Professional version includes database integration, servlet development, and cross-platform testing. [Commercial]
A GUI builder for the Eclipse and Websphere IDEs designed to fully support the development of powerful, cross-platform SWT applications.
A multi-user software development environment for Unix. It supports C/C++, Java(tm), Eiffel and Fortran. [Commercial]
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