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Object Persistence
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Object Persistence Listings
Agilis Software eXoDy Application Generation Framework
Automatically eliminates the Object-Relational mismatch issue using the Proxy Design Pattern. It automatically generates more than 90% of the application code from an XML description of the business requirements: Java code, stored procedures, table definitions, auto-deployment code. [Shareware]
CocoBase Enterprise O/R
Object/Relational mapping tool, with customized mappings for each major EJB server (including JBoss) [Commercial].
DODS (Data Object Design Studio)
An Object-Relational Mapping Framework with a GUI Editor that lets you automatically create Java objects that map to relational databases. [Open Source, Mozilla-like]
Object-Relational Mapping
Information and facts about object-relational mapping products, architecture problem-solving, and direction in product comparison and selection.
Prevayler - Transparent Persistence for Java
Write plain Java classes: no pre or post-processing required; runs on any VM; no inheritance from base-class required. [Open source, LGPL]
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