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Acme Systems
Small applets for site navigation, database table display, and graphics effects. [Commercial]
Apycom Applets
A collection of highly configurable java applets that allows you to create cross-browser drop down menus, bars, and buttons. DBFView is a compact but powerful tool for viewing, editing, and printing standard DBF format databases. HTTP Requester for generation HTTP requests and receiving responses from web servers. [Freeware, some applets with sources]
BrainCode Java Applets
PowerHouse Java applets (free and pro versions). Stunning slideways slideshow applet, JavaScript controlled applet.
cChart - tChart applet
Contains chart applets. The applets size's are very small (14 Ko). tChart is a simple sample of my cChart Component. With tChart you can draw : Bars, lines, pies, data tables, Area..
Dseffects: Real-Time Image Effects
Applet Image effects like Fade, Rotate, Fire Text, Hue, Snow. Includes award-winning work.
Java Applet Collection
By Gokhan Dagli. Vertical and horizontal text scroll, image transitions, image animation effects and visual effects.
Java on the Brain
A listing of some Java applets, with source. (Karl Hornell)
Applet products for printing, charting, email, trees and menus. One product can use Microsoft Access reports and convert them to Java code.
Free applet downloads and previews.
JFind - Java Resource Index
Directory of over 1300 Java software titles.
Collection of graph, chart, menu, tree, and fading image applets. [Commercial]
Free Java applets, including chat, games and tools, to download and to play online.
The J Maker
A coolection commercial Java applets including games, menus, slideshows.
Tools-Soft Applets Collection
A collection web tools applets, contains site navigation applets, charting applets (Pie and Bar Charts Style), sorted table applet with more info to view every row in table, banners applets, news ticker applet. [Shareware]
Wyka-Warzecha Enterprises
Menu, presentation, game and development Java Applets with free downloads.
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