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A large repository of mathematical software in source code form, mostly in Fortran, though there is some in Matlab, C and other languages. Important directories include Lapack (linear algebra, eigenvalues, and SVD), toms (Trans. on Math. Software), numeralgo (Numerical Algorithms), and the many 'PACKS such as MINPACK (minimization), QUADPACK (quadrature, integration), FFTPACK (Fast Fourier Transform), ODEPACK, and ODRPACK.
Numerical Recipes Home Page
Home of the Numerical Recipes series of books on scientific programming, including the Numerical Recipes On-Line Software Store, free upgrades and bug fixes, and the complete books on-line in PostScript and Acrobat formats. The Numerical Recipes code in Fortran 77 and Fortran 90 is not in the public domain.
Orderpack 1.0, sorting and ranking routines in Fortran 90
Orderpack 1.0 is a public domain package of general and specialized sorting and ranking routines in Fortran 90. Specialized routines include partial sorts, partial ranks, unique sorts, unique ranks, partial and unique sorts, as well as partial and unique ranks.
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