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By DELOSOFT.COM. Supports: all Win32 (CE/9x/ME/NT/2000, CE emulators), Intel/MIPS/SH3/StrongARM CPUs. ANS'94 compliant, current language standard. Multithreaded core. Compatible with SP-Forth/3.x and libraries. Self-hosted development: compiler and console run directly on target platform (a portable device), needs no PC for WinCE development.
Embedded Forth Compilers
Forth systems for AVR, PIC and MSP430.
Firmware Factory Embedded Development Environment
Public domain Windows 95/98/NT based development environment for ultra-flexible embedded firmware, for microcontrollers. Loosely based on the IEEE1275 Open Firmware, but fits nicely on an 8-bit 8031 system: under 10k.
By Bureau d'Etudes (engineering and design department) Melice SPRL. ForthCAD-3D (French), 2D/3D Computer Aided Design software. ForthCAD-Pager (English), simple, accurate, reliable, low cost 2D editor, comes with new modular 3D CAD product line, evaluation/upgrade download.
Begun as Andy Valencia eForth x86 port, 32-bit mode, was runnable under DOS DJGPP 32-bit extender; stalled for years then resumed to adapt to GRand Unified Bootloader (GRUB), environment was improved to give ForthOS. Description, download, links.
By Wolf Wejgaard Forth Engineering. New, Forth-based instant programming tool and interactive programming method that lets you build reliable programs in very little time; merges all parts of a powerful development tool: browser, editor, assembler, compiler, linker, debugger, interpreter.
QED Forth
By Mosaic Industries, Inc.: interactive interpreter, compiler, assembler, debugger speeds programming, testing. Resources callable from Forth/C: automatic system initialization, multitasking executive, heap memory manager, extensive libraries of device drivers and interrupt support routines.
Open source effort to make a comprehensive development and run-time environment for industrial systems, based on Forth. Goal: develop visual IDE with CASE and project management support, code analysis, native code generation, based on portable real-time VM supporting distributed and parallel applications.
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