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AM Research Inc.
Full-service provider of both hardware and software for embedded control applications. Code released under the LGPL. Software based on Forth.
Creative Consulting for Research and Education: CCRE
Makes kForth and other finely crafted computing tools for use by students, educators, and researchers in the physical sciences and engineering. Provides links to online documents as educational resources for teachers and students.
Forth, Inc.
The first, original Forth company, co-founded by Chuck Moore, Forth's creator. Premier vendor of Forth tools and programming services for 25 years. Home of SwiftForth Windows development environment. Site contains historical documents.
HARDCODE Development
One man German consulting firm, several languages including Forth.
Inventio Software
Specialist instrumentation design, programming in Forth, C.
Quartus Handheld Software
Makes Quartus Forth, and compilers, applications and other productivity enhancement software for Palm, PalmPilot, daVinci, Visor, and other handheld computers. Also good list of programming books.
Chuck Moore Forth related links and streaming videos. Forth CPU chips. F21 simulator with editor/machine Forth compiler-assembler/debugger (freeware).
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