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A form sizing component that automatically sizes your forms to fit any screen resolution.
Prof's Components
Delphi and C++ builder threading and synchronization components. Company profile, trial download, and contact information.
Delphi spreadsheet component.
Delphi components: Barcode library - set of components for design and print barcode. Eval library - parser, runtime formula compiler with visual user interface.
From Tamarack Associates, the full text search engine.
Feeware Delphi/BC++Builder Components: TParserAll - a non-visual component that takes parsing one step further by a using a generic approach of a Backus Naur-Form grammar; TComboSpinEdit and more.
SEDLAN A.D. - #7 Components Home
TSDBGridFooter, TRestructure (restructure Paradox and dBase tables the easy way), TRunner, TEllipseBevel, TFileSplitter components.
ShellPlus Components
Delphi components to integrate your application into Windows shell. It includes: context menus, property pages, tray balloons, icons and thumbnails handlers, copyhook. [Freeware, commercial with sources]
Sirius Software Company
Smart Wizard (shareware) and Smart Progress Bar (freeware) components for Delphi and C++ Builder components with source code.
A component system for Borland Delphi, which make Delphi to be powerful SCADA system. [Commercial]
The .Free Delphi Site
XML-Parser units and VCL component wrapper, Unicode support for Delphi and Tar compression and decompression.
TRichView VCL Homepage
Pack of native Delphi/C++Builder components for displaying, editing and printing hypertext documents. Freeware and shareware.
VCL Components
Searchable collection of more than 4000 Delphi and C++ Builder freeware and shareware components
Woll2Woll Software
Specializes in the creation of high-quality, professional and easy-to-use components for database application developers for Delphi. Includes advanced grids, treeviews, graphical and image components, richedit word processor.
By J. Ziersch Software is the WYSIWYG editor component for Delphi and C++Builder. Also add-on WPReporter for RTF support. wPDF component for creating PDF files and WPForm for paper-based forms.
ZipTV Compression Component Suite
Suite for all 32-bit versions of Delphi & C++ Builder 3, 4, 5 supports a wide range of popular archives and compression algorithms including WinZip.

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