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C to C++ converter
A python program that convert all files of a C project to C++, by automatically creating classes, and replacing variables and function by attributes and methods. [Open Source]
A detailed analysis of your C or C++ program, allows easy navigation with Call Trees, Hierarchy Trees, generates Web Documentation.
A C++ code inspector that analyses source code and finds nonstandard, suspicious or simply plain wrong code. (Yokasoft)
Core Japan Limited
Boss (C/C++ comment generator), InfoJet (C/C++ InfoView documents generator). Also WinDiff Plus. [Shareware]
Creates fully cross linked documentation systems and manuals in PDF, HTML, HTML Help, Windows Help and RTF from C/C++ or Delphi/Pascal source code.
Complete diagnostic toolset for Win32 programmers. Helps programmers find performance bottlenecks, trace program execution, find unexecuted code, and detect memory and resource leaks.
Lazy C++
Lzz (Lazy C++) is a rapid development tool. Given a sequence of declarations Lzz will generate header and source files.
Full-blown visual IDE for C++ (MSVC and GNU compilers).
SourceStyler C++
A tool for C/C++ developers that provides complete control over the formatting and layout of C/C++ source code. Provides over 75 individual formatting options and full ANSI C++ support. [Shareware]
Stack Spy
It catch stack corruption, stack over run, stack overflow, get instant email notification of crash with line numbers and function names of last 100 calls that led to the crash. buffer overflow, memory overwrite, program crash.
The Frost Project
Allows to use multi methods and virtual function arguments in C++ programs (nearly) as if they were a builtin C++ feature. It is implemented as a compiler wrapper.
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