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Class Libraries Listings
Provides a repository for free peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries. The emphasis is on libraries which work well with the C++ standard library.
An object-oriented simulation package written in C++. It provides discrete event process-based simulation similar to SIMULA's simulation class and libraries.
CGAL - The Computational Geometry Algorithm Library
A library of geometric datastructures and algorithms. [Commercial]
Platform independent C/C++ library for date and time calendric calculations. By Hofmann Software Engineering International.
Epeios Project
The project consists of libraries and software, coded in C++. The libraries include a new concept of memory management, error handling and frontend/broker interaction. They also handle sockets, multitasking, semaphores, pipes, and shared memory, and various data structures like lists, stacks, queues, indexes.
FOX Toolkit
A free, cross-platform C++ GUI library. It features an event messaging and targeting scheme with a very clean, factored, OS-abstracted design. [Open Source, LGPL]
InteLib: Lisp programming within a C++ project
A class library for Lisp programming within a C++ project using existing C++ translators. [Open source, GPL]
NNTP Objects
C++ classes for rapid development of NNTP clients and utilities. [Open source, GPL]
A highly portable C++ application framework which can be used on many different OSes. [Open Source, LGPL]
A C++ toolkit which enables developers to created distributed peer to peer solutions using agent engineering.
SDI and MDI Windows, Simple - Tabbed and Wizard Dialogs, Rich Edit Windows, Status bars, Tool bars, TCP/IP Sockets, Strings, SMTP EMAIL, Folder Browser Window, Bitmap manipulation, Integrated Multi-Threading, Serial Communications, Network communications via PIPES, SQL Database Access. Built-in Garbage collector. [Freeware]
Provides freely available STL-like extensions, including STL-style wrappers for common operating system and framework APIs (such as Windows, Unix, COM, MFC, ATL).
Visibility for C++
Visualizing C++ object systems in real-time. Supports the visualization of all the fundamental C++ data types. Enables dynamic GUI's (Graphical User Interfaces) to be created without the need for a single line of UI code. By Outerface Technologies Inc.
A class library for manipulating XML documents. It goes beyond DOM and SAX with support for built-in data type conversions, serializing and deserializing. By South Wind Design, Inc. [Commercial]
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