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Commercial Products & Services Listings
Acucorp, Inc.
Acucorp's solutions enable programmers to implement and deliver full-featured GUI COBOL applications.
Barker Pacific Group
Specialists in IMS, DB2, CICS and COBOL Training.
BlackboxIT Ltd
Specialists in re-engineering of COBOL applications.
C-Cubed Inc.
An authorized Micro Focus Technical Developer program member that provides seamless connectivity for MVS file access (all file types: VSAM, QSAM, PDS, Librarian, etc.), MVS and COBOL subroutine access (calling MVS load modules from MF Animator and returning results), and MVS database access (IDMS, IMS, Datacom, etc.)
Caliber Data Training
Providing IT training to corporate clients since 1987. The curriculum includes COBOL, TSO/ISPF, Dialog Manager, DB2, SAS, Easytrieve, JCL, and Project Management.
Cobol Access+
A gateway between cobol applications and database technology for unix and windows systems by RLDT.
COBOL Report Writer
Introduction, Tutorial and Reference for COBOL's report writer feature (including latest developments) plus assistance and information for users of SPC Systems' software.
COBOL ReSource
Provides a very complete VS environment in unix. It contains the Wang COBOL 85 compiler, a robust indexed/consecutive/relative file system ported from the premium Wang XDMS VS product, the Wang Procedure Interpreter, and a host of other components built by Wang from the original VS source code.
COBOL to e-Business Migration Services
Products and services for Enterprise Application Integration. Our toolset enables transformation of COBOL based applications to modern eBusiness platforms such as Java and Borland Delphi.
COBOL XML Interface
XML generator and parser subroutines written in pure COBOL II. Runs on any COBOL II platform, in batch or on-line modes. Other COBOL tools are also available. [Shareaware]
A selection of COBOL programming tools for systems and application development.
PowerStructure COBOL flowchart and structure chart tool generates structure charts from COBOL source automatically. Get an intuitive feel for COBOL program logic nearly instantly or draw your own flow diagrams and flowcharts.
Deskware, Inc.
CobolScript for CGI web programming, networking, and file processing. Also VACE Maintenance Workbench, a code maintenance utility.
Flexus COBOL Page
Automatically migrate existing COBOL screen definitions to windows or open systems. Flexus offers user interface conversion tools and services for COBOL programmers.
Intercomp Ltd.
Intercomp's eMaker is a family of automated software tools for legacy system renewal which modernize COBOL based applications of both mainframe and non-mainframe environments. eMaker features automated legacy analysis and re-engineering, extraction of valuable business rules from legacy applications to Java objects and Enterprise Java Beans (EJB), COBOL to Java migration, and e-commerce implementation.
J Computer Logic
Software created for most business needs: application and Bespoke Programming, all parts of software development life-cycle. Business analysis, consultancy, networks, e-commerce and web applications. Legacy systems support, maintenance, and enhancement of old or existing systems using COBOL, Easytrieve, Micro Focus, Visual Basic and Delphi.
Jerome Garfunkel Website
International COBOL consultant and author.
LegacyJ Software
Tools bring together the capabilities of COBOL and Java technology with the flexibility of Java for Client/Server and Web applications.
Liant Software Corporation
Provides RM/COBOL, as well as the Relativity COBOL data access product, the Cobol-WOW GUI application builder and many other COBOL application development tools.
Micro Focus
Offering a scalable suite of COBOL development environments for the effective integration, extension, development and deployment of enterprise applications.

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