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Clipper Listings
AD2 Toolkit for Clipper and Zachary Developers
provides a complete suite of tools for developing database programs with Clipper and Zachary, and includes the latest upgrade to Zachary.
Allows true Windows EXE files to be created using Clipper. You can make any kind of standard Windows client or server application, with Internet support if you wish.
Clipper Programming Solutions
CA-Clipper and XBase++ programming solutions.
A library that allows Clipper to function as a CGI program using stdin/stdout. Suggested platform: NT 4.0 and Apache Web server.
produces the popular ReportPro line of report writers.
Extrasensory Software
Tools for Clipper programmers including Telepathy, Faxual II, Mr. Edit, PS Error, Faxual.lib and BroPlus.
Programmer's resource for 3rd-party add-ons. Tools are available for most programming and database languages, including Access, dBASE, Visual Basic, Delphi, FoxPro, Paradox, C/C++, Oracle, Clipper, and Visual Objects.
Omicron Software Publishing Corp.
Home Of FiveWin and ClipWeb for Clipper & Xbase++.
SQLExpress for Xbase++
Links, downloads and articles for Xbase++ and Clipper developers. Also the homepage of SQLExpress; an object-oriented library for Xbase++ that provides easy connectivity to SQL and ODBC data sources.
The CA-Visual Objects Knowledge Base
Provides VO related information, news, links and help.
The Oasis Clipper Source
A Clipper Programmers Source Code Archive.
The Xbase Files
An e-publication and discussion board dedicated to the broad spectrum of Xbase tools and services.
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