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Cross Compilers
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Cross Compilers Listings
A freeware C compiler for 6502 based systems. Direct library support (that is, startup/initialization code) and support libraries for Commodore C64/C128, Commodore C16, C116 and Plus/4, Commodore 600/700 family of computers, Apple ][ and the Atari 8bit machines.
Crossware Products
Develop and market C cross compilers and other development tools for embedded systems based upon the 8051, 68000, CPU32, ColdFire and other chip families. Host environments include Windows NT, Windows 95 and DOS.
HI-TECH Software
Produces ANSI C cross compilers and assemblers for a range of embbedded systems. Supported chips include the 8051, 8051XA and PIC.
HP InfoTech
CodeVisionAVR - high performance C compiler, code wizard and in-system programmer for the Atmel AVR microcontrollers
Keil Software
Vendor of C compilers and other development tools for the 8051, 251, and C16x/ST10 microcontroller families. Includes a discussion forum and searchable tech support knowledgebase with over 1500 articles.
The Official TIGCC Site
TIGCC is mainly a C compiler for the Texas Instruments TI-89 and TI-92 Plus calculators. It is based on GCC, the GNU Compiler Collection.
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