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10Tec Company
Offers ActiveX components for the Win32 platform. Lists and describes products and provides ordering information.
ActiveX controls, EXEs, DLLs, VB Add-ins, ASP components, and other COM objects. By InnoVision Development.
ActiveX Control
Lists 1000+ ActiveX controls including MP3, GUI, Internet, ASP.
Listing of ActiveX controls and Windows development tools. By O. Kosmatos.
Dragonfly Automation Software
NumericAlpha LED, Gauges, Indicators, X-Y chart, Scope, Pie Chart, Bar Chart, 3D Pie Chart, 3D Bar chart, Temperature meters, Rulers, Progress Bar components.
eXontrol Software
Provides collection ActiveX controls.
HalfTime Technologies
Thread Factory is a component library for creating multi-threaded applications. Thread Factory includes a wealth of features including an asynchronous calling convention that parallels COM+ with Begin_xxx and Finish_xxx methods and asynchronous error handling. HalfTime Active Show is a multi-threaded component library for adding graphics and sound to desktop applications. MouseTrap is a free component library that allows capture mouse events.
Controls for real-time instrumentation, charting, plotting. By Iocomp Software Incorporated.
Toolsack Baseline
Objects that provide support for calling DLL functions, stopwatch, GMT time, typed lists, SMTPMail, file I/O, sockets, GUIDs, and DNS. By Toolsack Software Ltd. [Components, Commercial]
A range of Web and communication related ActiveX COM components. [Shareware]
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