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7eme Sens
Services rendering firm, specialized in the production of VR interactive movies.
Provides software products and online services that permit users to enter, move about, and interact with others in a three-dimensional virtual environment.
Aesthetic Solutions
Produces the Aesthetic Visions, Component-based series of VR/VRML authoring tools.
Armchair Travel Company Ltd
Using Virtual Travel and Apple QuickTime VR to bring you games and virtual reality tours of unusual places around the world.
Cybertracks Records
Specialising in electronic music, with holophonic effects 3D soundscapes.
Economical and memory-efficient three-dimensional workspace.
Dynamic Animation Systems Inc.
Creators of distributed, interactive and immersive virtual reality applications for scientific investigation, defense and entertainment.
eVox Productions
Multimedia content provider specializing in photographic desktop virtual reality. Provider of full service QuickTime VR, special effects, and PhotoAnimation.
Developers of virtual reality authoring software, building commercial visualisation applications for a range of industries including retail, education, construction, and engineering.
i-O Display Systems
Makers of virtual reality products.
Immersive Systems, Inc
Develops and sells products based on Meme(tm), virtual reality software technology designed for multi-user networked virtual worlds.
Janvier Design
Web page and product design, 3D animation, and VRML programming.
Maelstrom Virtual Productions Ltd.
Offers bespoke VR software for training, simulation, and promotions in a range of industries including marketing and architecture.
Low-bandwidth plug-in by Navigram.
Spinning Eye Multimedia
Specializes in the production of QuickTime VR and Java 360 degree panoramas.
Developers of the MindRender graphics engine API, for educational, virtual heritage, scientific, or promotional VR worlds.
Virtual Reality Marketing Ltd.
Specializes in producing 3D interfaces for web browsing, e-commerce, and communication, as well as advanced data-mining solutions.
VR Animation
3DJam a WWW-integrated real time multimedia animation software featuring VR displays, motion capture, MIDI and friendly graphical user interface.
VR Juggler
Open source virtual reality application development framework.
Worlds Inc.
Produces software for 3D chatting and virtual environments.

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