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Percy The Chicken
The animated adventures of percy the chicken.
Radiskull & Devil Doll
Home of Radiskull and Devil Doll, 2 evil cartoon characters. They talk, sing, rap N stuff. Featuring Flash animations by Joe Sparks. Also see production notes about animating in Flash and other items.
Interactive Shockwave artwork.
Eperimental Java and Flash programming including Artificial Intelligence, games, logos, and more.
Includes surreal games involving moustaches, madmen, and production lines.
Find, play, create, and share shocked entertainment, from cartoons and comics to music and games.
Sobjoy Cartoons
Samples of simple cartoons, made quickly to order for commercial customers.
Stoners from Space
Short animation about aliens, marijuana, and violence.
Strong Bad Email
Strong Bad reads his fan mail, hilarity ensues.
Amusing cartoons and animations in Flash including exotic birds of Brazil.
Live action and animated comedy shorts.
Symbolman, the International Symbol Animation
A story told only using international symbols
The Stress Relief Aquarium, the Crash Test Dumbass, Alcohol and Ammo, interesting interactive Flash animations.
Award winning flash animations and games with a sense of humor.
The Fish Show
Animated cartoons, comix, live alternative radio and pointless ranting from the legendary west-coast radio collective.
the fray
Popular for its random and industrial aesthetic, this experimental project is a regular hangout for Flash enthusiasts. The Fray accepts and publishes experimental Flash submissions from web designers around the globe.
The Nasty Man And The Hedgehog
Watch a hedgehog die in a variety of amusing ways.
Theodore Ushev experimental web project
Free Flash design project with movies and Flash-art.
Brendan and Doug's weird and whacked-out animations including Weeeeee!, School Bus, Hypothermia, Coko, and more.
Flash-based experiments that examine composition, shapes, gradients, and form.

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