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Features news articles, case gallery, hardware reviews, funny PC pictures, and more.
Red vs Blue
A couple of programmers get together to write scripts and then use the videogame Halo to act them out.
Satanic SysAdmins
Satan, Unix, and beer.
Some Random Guy
Sarcasm-dripping twisted humor site, with parody, satire, and editorials on video games, anime, the Internet, and more.
Tech Support Comedy
Includes humorous comic strip and samples of tech support calls.
Illustrated true tales from technical support. Believe it or not.
Ten Commandments
What every new PC owner should know from a PC Tech's tongue-in-cheek point of view.
The Network Administrator
A satrical look at the life of a network administrator.
Unicorn Jelly
A manga styled metaphoric comic about the nature of ideals and beliefs, starring a little monster that strives to become a Unicorn. Features new strips daily.
User Friendly
Daily comic strip about Columbia Internet, the friendliest, hardest-working and most neurotic little Internet Service Provider in the world.
A spot for techsupport workers can share their misery with the rest of the world.
Webhead's Web
A webpage creator faces new challenges and adventures traveling on the Cybersuperhighway.
Weird web sites
Weird web sites websites strange webcams bizarre humor jokes ebay auctions.
Y5B - The Year 5 Billion Problem
Introducing the place in time where the sun doesn't shine: Y5B - when the sun burns out.

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