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Testing & Evaluation Listings
Klein Consultants
New York based behavioral science consultants offering a specialist recruitment service.
LIMRA International
Provides online pre-employment testing for call center sales and service positions. ExSel handles everything from test administration and scoring to candidate tracking and inventory control.
Management and Personnel Systems
California based company offering simulation tests and full-scale assessment centers for selection or career development.
Managing For Success
DISC personality assessment tests and profiles for employees, managers, salespeople and executives, and for improving customer service, employee communications and the employee selection process.
Online tools for developing talent and managing performance. Helps achieve the crucial alignment between business strategy and individual performance.
McQuaig Institute
Provides software-based employment, personality testing, and behavioral assessment tools.
Midot System
An instrument used for selecting applicants with integrity and solid work ethics. Can be used for any position in the organization to assist in the recruitment of honest and trustworthy employees.
Offering web-based purchase, set-up, account admin, data retrieval, product application, instant evaluation of attitude, aptitude, competency and motivational tools.
NCC Assessment Technologies
A full service, industrial/organizational consultancy that provides human resource decision support through employee selection and organizational development.
OPAC Testing Software
PC and office skills assessment software developed with the Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures in mind.
PC Software Skills Test Center
Computer Skills testing systems both online and desktop. Used by the staffing industry, corporate human resources departments and trainers to determine skills competencies.
People Development Systems Limited
Helping organizations to improve their performance through the implementation of user-friendly human resources systems and solutions.
Tools to help you recruit and retain quality employees, specifically professional assessment and management team profiling as well as performance coaching and career consulting.
Performance Assessment Network
One-stop-shop of hundreds of commercial tests from over 4 dozen reputable publishers including PsychCorp, ReidLondonHouse, Sigma, G.Neil and others. Free online testing office, manuals, and sample reports.
Performance DNA international, Ltd.
Provides competency tools that will strengthen your hiring skills by identifying the competencies required for superior job performance.
Personality Assessment and Employee Selection
Providing online personality testing and numerous articles concerning pre employment assessment issues. Online employment testing for sales and management evaluations.
Personality Test for HRM and D
A HR toolbox with tests and methods for development, selection, and job design. Easy to use software for scoring and evaluation, ready to download from site.
Personnel Systems Corp.
Human resource assessment tools that assist in selecting and developing quality employees. Testing products are available via CD-ROM, Internet, or pencil and paper.
Plus 32 Employment Testing System
A computerized testing system from the B.R. Garrison Software Group which includes 18 tests in one system. Free software download.
PMI, Inc.
Fit 2000 is a fitness for duty screener that will scan an employee's eyes and evaluate if they are fit for duty, whether it is because of drugs and/or fatigue.

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