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Offers various usability services to ensure efficient and high-quality websites, web applications and software packages. Located in the Netherlands, but testing activities can be performed abroad.
The Communication Studio LLC
Seasoned interaction designer: documentation, graphics, wireframe models, best practices & information architecture. A unique combination of business understanding, technical acumen, creative talent and strategic insight. Experienced in transactional systems, financial services. Servicing Northern New Jersey and New York City, USA.
The Hirsch Group
Specializing in the conceptualization, design, development, evaluation, review and assessment of human-computer interfaces, especially web-based applications. Located in California, USA.
The Hiser Group
Committed to liberating technology from the technologists and letting people play with it instead. Focus on usability and accessibility of interface design. Located in Australia.
The TerraNova Group
Specializing in user interface design, ethnography, usability evaluations, and user support systems. Located in Georgia, USA.
The Usability Company
Specialists in website, wireless, Intranet, digital interactive TV and software usability testing. Includes a glossary and links. Located in the United Kingdom.
The Usability Group
User experience consultancy whose mission is to improve the economic health and market share of clients. Located in Georgia and New Jersey, USA.
Provides website evaulations and usability testing.
Experienced consultants specializing in the area of user interface design and usability. Located in California, USA.
Internet consultancy committed to helping Global 2000 clients leverage customer experience as a competitive advantage and driver of profits. Located in New York City.
Offers services to create meaningful digital product development and user experience. Located in London, UK.
Travis Terwilligar
User-centered interaction designer. Specializing in software and ecommerce design.
True Matter, LLC
Interactive application development and design consultancy focused on crafting effective Web experiences. Located in South Carolina, USA.
Truth In Design
Consultants who design user experience in the shape of graphical user interfaces on the internet and in the wireless world. Located in California, USA.
Two Rivers Consulting Corporation
A consulting firm in Massachusetts.
Offers support and design solutions, helping organisations make websites and web applications more user friendly. Located in the United Kingdom.
uLab Participatory Design Associates
Provides in-person and remote usability testing, field studies, customer interviews, task analysis, and participatory design for software, web, and consumer product development. Berkeley, CA, USA.
Usability Architects, Inc.
A usability consulting and contracting firm specializing in designing the user experience with user-centered methodologies.
Usability Consultancy
Strategic Web design consultancy which uses user centred design and market research techniques. Located in the United Kingdom.
Usability Ireland
Offers consulting services around web site usability. Located in Ireland.

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