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Their main objective is to integrate computing ability directly into fibres.
Georgia Tech Wearables
The group offers insights into their projects, their papers, videos from ISWC '97 as well as a dmoz-like 'webcrawler' on wearables.
Mobile Augmented Reality Interface Sign Interpretation Language
A numeric keyboard is 'projected' onto one of the user's hands for dialing. Follow the 'Paula' link for more information.
The Wearable Group at Carnegie Mellon
Recent work includes tactile displays, spatial audio interfaces, and WLAN-based location services. Also features an overview of their hardware protypes and used software as well as publications on system design.
University of Essex Wearables site
The group gives information on their Sulawesi framework, their members and publications and a recipe for building an own wearable.
Wearable Computing Laboratory at ETH Z?rich
The university group presents its research and various student projects mainly focused on hardware as well as its vision for wearable computing.
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