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Storage Listings
LEGASYS International, Inc.
Peripheral hardware provider of disk storage, tape backup, CD-ROM, magneto-optical, and more.
Legato Systems, Inc.
High-availability products for managing application and service-level availability within Storage Area Network deployments. Also provides real-time data protection and server availability for various server configurations.
LSI Logic Storage Systems
Builds and markets server- and SAN-attached storage arrays engineered for extreme storage applications such as seismic processing, data streaming, video imaging, and large data warehouses.
LTO Library
Provides tape mass storage and archival and backup management software.
Solid state FlashDisk storage solutions for embedded, industrial, factory automation, mobile, networking, communication, voice, PDA's, digital organizers and digital cameras markets.
Maxtor Corporation
Manufactures mass storage products. Once known as a manufacturer of hard disk drives, Maxtor has launched its innovative new network attached storage appliance, known as the MaxAttach product line.
Media Sciences
Quality testing, training, research, and product certification for CD-ROM, CD-R, and diskettes for computer mass storage.
Specializes in DVD-R, DVD-RAM, DLT, LTO, and AIT media products.
Manufacturer of removable hard drives and super-capacity RAID configurations.
Manufactures non-volatile solid state flash drives for the industrial and military markets.
Specializing in research, development and manufacture of high-performance recording technologies for a number of data acquisition and storage applications.
Micro Design International Inc.
Mass storage solutions provider. SCSI Express solutions include CD-ROM, CD-R, Magneto Optical rewritable and WORM, and DAT for NetWare, DOS/Windows, OS/2, and Macintosh environments.
Micro Sense, Inc.
Specializing in peripherals for portable computers and portable storage.
Technical and marketing resources for Backpack CD-ROM, Tape Drive, other parallel port Backpacks, CompatiCards and other products.
Reliable storage upgrade solutions for server, desktop and notebook computers. Your single source supplier in storage upgrades.
Minds at Work
Back up, store, archive or transfer any file on the 6GB Digital Wallet, the portable smart storage solution.
Mittoni Australia Pty Ltd
Manufacturers and distributors of compactflash, smartmedia, other flash memory and USB readers.
Manufacturer and distributor of CDR, CDR-W, floppy diskettes, VHS, and more.
Modern Storage LLC
Offers products for data archiving, backup, and CD/DVD publishing. RAID systems, jukeboxes, and magneto optical drives.
Mount10 Holding AG
Provides data storage products and services, including storage architecture, backup infrastructure, and disaster protection applications.

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