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Scanners Listings
Contex Scanning Technology
Manufactures wide and large format scanners for professional color copying, reprographics, CAD, GIS, archival and facility management and aperture cards.
Corex Technologies
Makers of CardScan, a business card scanner.
Cromwell Automated Design
Solution provider of large format color and monochrome digitizers, scan to print systems, raster editing software, TDM and Electronic document management systems.
Cruse Digital Equipment
Learn about the focused research and development efforts this firm uses in creating a line of very large format scanners.
Manufactures a variety of instruments for 3-dimensional scanning. The laser and video-based technology can scan complex objects in only seconds.
Source for Canon's desktop document scanners.
Dunord Technologies Inc.
Scanner interfaces for production scanners. Supports gray level (8bit) scanning at full scanner speed.
Dunvegan s.a.
The manufacturer of Hi-SCAN, a compact drum scanner for professionals utilizing graphic and scientific applications.
Scanners, hardrives, optical drives and other products to support document imaging.
Horizon Micrographics, Inc.
Provider of document imaging technology in North Texas.
Product line includes drum scanners, and medical x-ray film digitizers, as well as desktop flatbed scanners. Download support software for Macintosh and PC platforms.
ICS Technology
Supplies video and virtual walls, digital and electronic signage software, LCD and CRT monitors with touchscreens to the point-of-sale display, along with scan converters and doublers.
IDEAL Scanners & Systems
Integrates, markets, supports, and services an array of scanning solutions for large and small format drawing and document capture.
Vendor of reproduction scanners and digital camera backs.
Scanners for large format documents and bound documents such as books and microfilm.
Scanners, digital archiving and workflow.
InoTec GmbH
Manufactures scanners in the mid to high volume range capable of processing documents up to 320 mm wide and almost any length in simplex or duplex mode.
Manufacturer of color optical 3D digitizers and 3D modeling software specializing in the field of digitizing real objects, particularly humans.
J & K Imaging
Offering high-speed scanners for document imaging, digital archiving and electronic filing.
Non-contact 3D scanner. Reverse engineering, inspection and rapid prototyping.

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