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Audio (10)
KVM Switches (17)
Bar Code (62)
Modems (79)
Carrying Cases (43)
Multimedia (6)
Cleaners (8)
PC Cards (1)
Data Acquisition & Logging (99)
Plotters (24)
Desktop Video Cameras (5)
Pointing Devices (39)
Device Programmers (21)
Printers (605)
Digital Film Recorders (7)
Projectors (2)
Displays & Monitors (322)
Scanners (82)
Ergonomics (53)
Speakers (12)
Game Controllers (18)
Switching Devices (47)
Input Devices (191)
Terminals (12)
Peripherals & Accessories Listings
Peripheral Manufacturing, Inc.
Produces new/recycled diskettes, computer tape, tape cartridges, disk packs, and provides duplication services and data recovery for hard drives.
Plasticreations. Inc.
Manufactures computer case labels and decals that identify a computer's manufacturer.
Primary Simulation Inc
Focuses on the PC/notebook systems and accessories and specialty items for PCs and consumer electronics.
ProtecT Keyboard Covers
Manufactures keyboard covers for almost all makes and models of computers including laptops.
PSC Computer Products
Manufactures heatsinks, clips and CPU coolers.
Reborn Card
PCI cards that can interface with hard drives, provide system administration, and protect against viruses.
Scancom Limited
Suppliers of video signal conversion products: Computer-to-video scan converters, Genlock adapter, VGA signal splitters, video-to-VGA converters, MPEG-2 recorder and line doubler.
Seatech Europe
Laptops manufacturer and LCD monitor supplier.
Security products for desktop and laptop computers.
Shark Rack
For Sun Microsystems.
Shenzhen Hantat Electronics Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer specializing in computer peripherals such as keyboards, mice, USB flash disks, digital camera and game accessories.
Shortcut Central
Offers keyboard shortcut reference cards for Adobe Photoshop.
Presents MP3, CD, and DVD players as well as speakers using NXT flat panel technology.
Simex Systems
PC mouse products including the new UFO mouse with large stock.
Sitiless Co.,Ltd
Distributor for computers, peripherals and accessories, and POS systems.
Sky Hawk USA
Computer peripherals and network system solution provider and manufacturer.
Spectrum Computer Inc.
Specializing in peripherals for the S/36, AS/400 and the RS/6000. These include printers, display stations, remote controllers, disks and tapes.
Sunrise Multimedia, Inc.
Makers of stress relief gifts, PC Hammer and MAC Hammer.
SWN Group
Specializes in Webpads, tablet PCs and other wireless touch screen computers.
Specialized manufacturer of computer peripherals for the emerging PCMCIA industry by providing a full line of cost-effective, PCMCIA Memory and peripheral interfaces.

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