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Process Listings
Aspen Technology, Inc.
Enterprise Optimization software and services include integrated supply chain management solutions. For the design, operation, management of manufacturing facilities incl. chemicals, petrochemicals, polymers.
Automsoft International
Develops RAPID Historian, automation software for the processing, manufacturing, utility industries.
eglass Technologies
Flat glass manufacturing software. Orders, invoicing, receivables, sheet stock, receivables, IGU's, shop floor, invoicing, optimization, production scheduling, machinery links, bar code. Inches and metric.
Electronica Media Services
Manage blending, formulation in a production or 'make-to-order' setting. For ink and paint blending. Record important information, calculations, print multiple labels, reports.
Simulation software for calculation and optimisation of potential, current density, deposit thickness distributions in electrochemical reactors. Windows-based.
Procedures rendered as flowchart and success-logic trees. Process parameters updated. User is not out of control loops in ImPRO despite automation. Explanation and download is possible.
Automated statistical process control software is based on a true relational database, open-architecture, non-proprietary platform that is 100% ODBC compliant.
KnowledgeScape Systems
Real-time optimization system learns the process dynamics and adjusts process setpoint, optimizing a single procedure or an entire enterprise.
CAD/CAE software is cell design for modeling of electrochemical cells. Used by plating, electrolytic, electronics, automotive, aerospace, defense companies.
MDC Technology
Production optimization, performance monitoring, advanced process control, multivariable statistical process control software for oil and gas, hydrocarbon processsing, chemical, power, utilities industries.
Micro Services Group, Inc.
Process control, monitoring and air washer control consulting for the textile industry. Supplies monitoring and process control systems.
Novatek International Inc.
Stability program software application manages the day to day activities of stability department in pharmaceutical, biotech, chemical, microbiological, and contract labs.
Parity Corporation
Integrated business information system designed specifically for the food industry and food processors/manufacturers.
Pintail Technologies
Offers software and consulting for the implementation of statisical process control in the semiconductor industry.
Process Concept Automation
Services in automation consulting and industrial data processing consulting, continuous manufactoring, batch and flexible batch, manufactoring machines.
Scheduling and simulation system determines maximum plant production rates consistent with constraints. Suitable for processes where intermediate stocks and storages are significant, and processes compete for resources.
QMC Technical Web
Multi-strategy program maintains a process at optimum conditions. Monitors equipment, sensors, control applications. Identifies the root cause of instabilities. An engineer's desktop environment. Based on Windows 95/98/NT.
Resource Engineering Inc.
Self-paced statistical process control, failure mode and effects analysis, dimensional metrology, gage software training programs on CD-ROM.
S.P.E.C - Soft Ltd.
Aims to bridge the gap between process engineers, who define the process, and automation specialists who write the software to operate the process. Tel Aviv, Israel.
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