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ASICs & Chips
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ASICs & Chips Listings
Accel Technologies Limited
Offers design and development services in VLSI design and embedded systems.
American Microsystems, Inc.
Mixed signal and digital ASIC design, manufacture, and fabrication. Also FPGA to ASIC translation, system on a chip, ASSP, and integrated circuit system.
Atelic Systems, Inc.
Develops, manufactures and markets high quality DSP and mixed signal integrated circuits for telecommunications and networking equipment manufacturers.
C-Port Corporation
C-5 Network Processor, first generation of fully programmable, custom-architected processors.
CG-CoreEL Programmables
Provides FPGA and EDA design solutions.
Chip Express
Complete ASIC Time-to-Market Solution featuring flexible gate array production and a smooth migration from rapid prototyping to cost competitive high volume production. LPGA Laser Programmable Gate Array, CeLPGA System-on-Chip.
Chip Supply Inc.
Semiconductor die distributor and value-added die processor. Also, wafers for multichip modules, hybrids and other unencapsulated die applications. Custom packages for unique application, packaging capability includes traditional monolithic encapsulation as well as TAB and CSP.
Chips and Technologies of Intel Corporation
HiQColor algorithm provides enhanced color fidelity for a wide range of active and passive flat panel displays.
CIAN Systems, Inc.
Develops a family of ASICs to address the full spectrum of wireless networking.
Circuit Semantics
Developing Spice accurate characterization and static timing solutions for complex, system on chip and integrated circuit designs.
Comport Data Inc.
Complete IC development services, based on mixed-signal and analog applications, as well as ASICs development using FPGAs, standard and custom cells architectures.
Crescentec Corportion
Develops optimized single chip solutions for the digital camera market place. Includes sub-megapixel to megapixel resolution PC and dual mode camera products.
Data I/O
Provides engineering and manufacturing device programmer equipment for programmable integrated circuits.
Dspfactory Ltd.
Ultra-miniature, low power software-programmable DSP technology and ASIC design.
EZchip Technologies
Networking equipment vendors employ EZchip processors to form the silicon core of next-generation switches for voice, video and data integration.
Flextronics Semiconductor
Develops complex ASIC designs and advanced systems in Signal Processing, Communications, Cryptography, Graphics, Audio, Video, and Rad-Hard.
Future Technology Devices International Ltd.
Designs and supplies USB semiconductor devices with Legacy support including royalty-free drivers.
Source for modchips and modchip technology, PIC to PIC copiers and technical information.
Offers a family of reliable, enhanced, high-performance and backward-compatible CMOS GPIB interface ICs, called the 'iGPIB series'.
Internet Machines
Highly integrated, fully programmable family of network processors, switch elements and fabrics, and traffic management co-processors for 10 Gbps and OC-192c networking systems.

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