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Animation Listings
Photo-realistic 3D character generation software and solutions, from messaging services and games to one-man 3D animation studios based on core DigiFace technology.
Northern Lights Productions
Purveyors and developers of various 3D-effect software and hand crafted plugins for Electric Image Universe Animator.
Paradise VA
Computer generated cartoon series about an alien and a pug.
Parasys Co. LTD.
Flying PopCorn is an animation and multimedia-authoring tool. Easy-to-learn graphical work environment, intuitive WYSIWYG editing, support for most images and video format.
Plastic Animation Paper
Very fast and effective 2D animation software for the professional cartoon animator. Paperless system.
Provider of 3D position and orientation tracking, motion capture, and digitizing solutions.
Q'tZ Animation
Fast fun and free Java animations, easy to use on desktops and web pages.
Reallusion 3d Graphic Animation Software
Effect3d is 3D animation and image editor software that creates 3D objects and animates them with motion and special effects. Export as animated GIF, BMP or JPG. Free trial download. CrazyTalk is facial animation software to synchronized voice and facial expressions to any photo or image.
Showcases animation with a dark side, slideshows, and the surreal.
2D animation software that is user friendly ink and paint program with plugins.
Offer looping backgrounds, overlays and title animations for video editing. Overlay shapes and masks including versions with innovative particle effects. Animations supplied in QuickTime video format.
Windows graphics program to relax the user with animated colorful patterns.
Spin Productions
Offers animation, design and effects services, specializing in film titles and longform productions.
StoryBoard Artist
Great for print as well as presentation-style storyboards: creates a timeline, and animates, with sound and transitions, exports to HTML and creates links for non-linear stories. [Windows/Macintosh]
Synj Industries
3D animation and interactive Flash featuring Koy, the gun-toting candy dispenser.
TextPuppet Lipsync Animation Software
Text-to-speech synthesizer and an automatic animation script generator. It takes text as input and automatically produces scripts and audio files for rendering lip-synch animations in Poser.
Third Wish
Makers of the software Magpie, a tool that helps in the analysis of a recorded voice for lip sync animation.
A 3D mechanics simulation and rendering application. 3D scene is defined by script using simple shapes and imported meshes from 3ds, dxf and stl files. Scenes can be exported as a video clip (avi file) as well.
Designed to simplify and speed up the animation production. Includes tools for: importing original pencil drawings and adding adjustments when required; inking and painting; building color models; creating exposure sheets; composting; creating special effects and recording the final images to video or film. Support for the Macromedia Flash formats as output.
TVPaint Developpement
Makers of computer assisted animation, compositing and special effects software for digital artists, cartoon animators and TV stations. Products include Aura Video Paint, Aura VT, Aura DV and Aura Claymation.

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