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Rendering & Modelling Listings
3D Studio MAX Playground
Contests, tutorials, books, gallery.
3Delight RenderMan
Compliant rendering software that offers programmable shading and lighting using the standard RenderMan shading language. Software descriptions, PDF and online user manual, FAQs, and downloads. [MacOSx, Windows, IRIX, Linux]
Comprehensive tutorials of python scripting in truespace with script for download.
AC3D 3d Modeler
The modeler allows both novice users and experts to construct models in 3d quickly and easily on Windows and Linux. The powerful but intuitive interface makes usage much easier than other 3d software.
Amorphium Pro
A unique 3D modeler Amorphium Pro combines conventional modeling features, such as Booleans, Primitives, and Mapping, with powerful new 3D sculpting and painting tools that can be edited and saved in any 3D shape.
Bendy's 3D Systems
Various Truespace plug-ins, filters and shaders like 'Blur'n'Feather', 'MetaObjects', and 'Roundit'.
Blender Development
Ccross platform 3D software solution from modeling, animation, rendering and post-production to interactive creation and playback.
Blender Foundation
Blender downloads, galleries, conferences, tutorials, and links. Purchase all the goodies from the old NaN eshop.
Models, tutorials, downloads, gallery, forums, and links to other resources.
Large repository of tutorials for Bryce: basic, advanced, modeling, and texturing imports with links and galleries.
Bryce textures and models for download. Tutorials for Bryce, Poser and Painter 3D. With a Gallery for viewing.
Caligari Corporation
trueSpace is a 3D-authoring tool, which provides a full balance of NURBS-based modeling tools, realistic rendering and advanced surfacing features.
Real-time rendering engine available for 3D Studio Max.
CyberMotion 3D-Designer
3D-design and animation software.
Digital animation company that publishes over 100 3D products for Studio Max.
Digital Terrain Mapping and Modeling
Digital Terrain Mapping using Free Software.On site an SDTS to .TER file translator program.
Dot C Software, Inc.
A compliant RenderMan Shading Language and RIB interface. Runs on SGI and W95/NT.
With their products Carrara, Amapi, Hexagon, VectorStyle, Transposer...
Featuring full global illumination, advanced raytracing and subsurface light scattering support, created by cebas.
Realistic landscape and terrain generation tool that will create and output heightfields, texture maps, 3D Polygon Meshes, and export .ter files.

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