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3D Listings
3D Cafe
Includes free models, tutorials, textures, software, plugins, web tools, and more.
3D Domain
Offers ray tracer and other software to download, plus samples of personal work.
3d Lenticular and Holograms Printing Software
3DZ offers professionals and amateurs alike to quickly and easily produce every type of 2D and 3D lenticular image, from 3D to. Providing an easy to use interface, 2D/3D Layering module, Barrier screen generation with many added features package from the UK.
3D Link Resources
Offers 3D galleries, tutorials, animations, models, images, links, and more.
3D Stereography Software
Shareware products include 3DMiracle a program for creating single image Stereograms and movies from depth masks and 3DMonster a tool for creating depth masks from 3d objects, importing from 3DS format. Useful information about 3d, several stereograms and 3d depth masks.
3D Visualization Graphics and Animation for Engineering and Science
Products from CEI, Inc. EnSight post-processor for scientific/engineering data, EnVideo animation viewer, EnLiten 3D animation viewer. Support stereo and VR environments.
3D news and resource site that showcases new graphics technologies.
3D-pictures realized with Bryce, Poser, Cinema4D.
3DZ Company
Lenticular hologram 3D software for printing and displaying true 3D images on printed matter and 3D LCD TV monitors.
Advantage3D, LLC
Web-based software tools to create 3-D images, panoramic images, 360-degree images, and animated images from pictures taken with digital camera. No browser plug-in required for viewing.
Free scripting and prototyping environment program for 3D object behavior. Runs on Windows 95/98/NT. Reads many common 3D file formats.
Advanced 3D data visualization and reconstruction software for microscopy, biology, medicine, and engineering, with powerful automatic and interactive segmentation tools support processing of 3D image data. Fast and robust reconstruction algorithms make it easy to create polygonal models from segmented objects.
ARC+ Render Pro
Innovative, easy to use and powerful 3D photo-realistic rendering, animation and virtual reality software.
Autolycus Corporation
SpinImage DV is a revolutionary software package that enables anyone to quickly and easily create 3-D images of objects using a DV camcorder.
B3d Studio
Real time engine providing a WYSIWYG editing environment. Edit video clips, import scripts that have been written in screenplay format.
OpenGL-based software that adds behaviour to 3D models and lets them exist outside of the 2D window.
Offers a collection of 3D images generated from different programs.
Easy Stereo
Professional utility for creation of high-quality stereograms. Supports the following formats: 3D Studio 3DS, ASC; Quake MDL, MD2; BMP, PNG, JPEG; and AVI.
Offering 3D art galleries, forums, downloads, links to free resources, and more.
Hetzel, Stephen
Synthetic Graphics - offers rendered images, animations, and free 3D meshes in DXF, 3DS, and S3D.

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