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Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Grant-making foundation supports initiatives in education, world health and population, and community giving in the Pacific Northwest.
Companion web site to Papert's new book, The Connected Family: Bridging the Digital Generation Gap, Longstreet Press, 1996.
Daniel Bricklin
Pictures old and new, comments, and software history from the co-inventor of VisiCalc, the first personal computer spreadsheet.
Author's home to the book 'Free as in Freedom: Richard Stallman's Crusade for Free Software'. Includes errata, links to translations, and updates.
Herb Sutter
Secretary of the ISO/ANSI C++ Standards Committee, Writer, Consultant - Information on C++.
Lynellen Perry
Artificial intelligence, natural language processing, artificial neural networks.
Morten Fjeld
ETH Zurich - Human-computer interaction (HCI), cognitive ergonomics, and applied mathematics.
Nick Gibbons
Keele University, UK.
Expert on how technology can provide new ways to learn, his contributions go beyond education.
The Road Ahead
Book by Gates, first published in 1996. Reviews, contents, and information about the second edition.
Covers many CS and some non CS topics.
Vijay Saraswat
Pennsylvania State University - Theoretical computer science, programming systems, artificial intelligence.
William Stevenson
Pennsylvania State University - High performance computing, operating systems, cognitive science.
Home page of Steve Wozniak, one of the two Steves who founded Apple. Includes biography, Apple history materials, and current interests and projects.
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