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History Listings
Brief history of the company that changed the computing world forever. Look in the gallery for a description and picture of every Apple computer ever made.
Devoted to early personal computers.
Computer History Association
A non-profit corporation, who safeguards and organizes the history of electronic computing, not only in California, but nationally and internationally.
50th Anniversary Celebrations of the Manchester Baby computer and the Manchester.
Computing Millennium timeline
A project to create the definitive list of the 1,000 key innovations and events in the last 1,000 years of information technology.
DigiBarn Computer Museum
Museum of personal computing history and the history of the graphical user interface, in a barn in the mountains above Silicon Valley.
Obsolete Laboratory
Discussion forums on classic computers, emulation, classic gaming, and networking.
A personal retrospective of cool computing dedicated to vintage computer hardware, classic systems, and workstations or mainframes.
Online museum of computer models, magazine, and collector community.
PDP-8 Computer
Information and links on this early microcomputer. Offers a program to operate a PDP-8 system online.
Project Xanadu
Inventing the concept of hypertext.
Redundant Technology Initiative
Finding new ways to be creative with old technology, and exhibiting the results.
Software History Center
Dedicated to preserving the history of the software industry and the stories of its creative entrepreneurs and software developers.
The History of Computing Project
Offers a detailed timeline on the history of computer. Sections include hardware, software, pioneers and references.
The Machine Room
Technical specifications, descriptions, trivia, and pictures of so-called obsolete computers from a variety of manufacturers, as well as links to more information.
The Obsolete Technology
Pictures, documents, and advertisements of classic computers.
The Unix Heritage Society
Built to foster the 'the preservation and maintenance of historical and non-mainstream UNIX systems.' Mailing list and archives. Includes early Unix source code, from 1973 through the 1990s.
Triumph of the Nerds
Bios, an interactive game, and a Q&A forum trace the birth of the personal computer.
Xanadu secrets become Udanax open-source, available for download in two systems, Udanax Green.
Vintage Computer Festival
Annual Silicon Valley event celebrating their computer heritage.
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