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Protocols Listings
Internet Protocol Detail Record (IPDR)
Consortium-driven standard for collecting IP-based usage and control information to support service providers.
Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Help
Nearly 800 helpful files including FAQs, primers, technical guides, clients and scripts, and server lists and maps.
Site tracks the IP address of computers on the Internet, particularly Web and FTP servers.
IPv6 Forum
World-wide consortium of Internet vendors aiming to promote IPv6. Includes mailing lists, event listings, technical information, and links.
IPv6 Information Page
Resource site: how-to articles, FAQ, technical specifications, mailing list, details of IPv6-enabled applications, and links.
IPv6 Task Force
Overview of all IPv6 related task forces around the world.
Klos Technologies, Inc.
Klos Technologies specializes in protocol analyzer tools and network protocol stack (PPP, TCP/IP, IPX) development.
Men and Mice
Offers a diagnostic utility for DNS administrators, and QuickDNS Pro, a DNS server for the Mac.
MG-SOFT Corporation
SNMP and other Network management software (MIB browser, MIB compiler, Visual MIB builder, Net Inspector, SNMP master agent, Monet LAN analyzer) and SNMP development tools.
Free utility detects one's current IP address from behind a router. offers some ping, tracert, nslookup, and basic WHOIS for web users.
Unix software providing a web based user interface for DNS administration.
Network Time Protocol
Home for the NTP software package, the official reference implementation of the NTP protocol.
Nominum provides DNS hosting consulting, support and training.
NTP with TymServer
Ntp time server, time synchronization and network time protocol, TymServe software solutions provided for added security behind the firewall.
Develops TCP/IP infrastructure products to simplify administration and improve the reliability and security of intranets.
Open Mash
Open Mash supports the Mash streaming media toolkit and distributed collaboration applications based on the Internet Mbone tools and protocols. [Client, includes source] Internet Solutions offers DNS management, take care of your business and websites without worrying about your DNS.
Features an overview of various networking and mobile communications protocols, white papers, and links of interest.
Simple DNS Plus
DNS server software for Windows 9x/NT/2000. Free trial version, screenshots, client testimonials, FAQ, tutorials.

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