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Cyberspace Listings
Visit our house for Surfing, Philosophy, Art, Cooking, Entertainment, and Music.
Weird, wired, and wonderful links selected by a group of contributors.
Chinese Whispers
An organic site that focuses content based on users' requests. Community based forum is open to discussion of all topics, help, advice, gossip and news.
ChitChat Forums
Forums where to hang out and chill.
Community Architect
Create your own online community or join one complete with free web hosting, free email, instant messenger and other website building tools.
Hosting services for online community facilities such as member profiles, events, instant messaging, online chat, message forums, email discussion groups and online polls.
Provides any group of people with the ability to establish a private and interactive online community.
Contact Consortium
The first global organization focused on inhabited virtual spaces on the Internet. These spaces are shared in real time by thousands of users and represent a new frontier in the experience of cyberspace.
Online community development company that provides online community building, consulting and design services worldwide.
Non-commercial resource dedicated to the anthropological study of cyberspace. Includes virtual seminars, an e-library, discussion groups, a course finder, a glossary, a calendar of activities, comics, and book reviews.
Cybersociology Magazine
Regularly published online magazine for researchers of cyberspace. Includes original articles by a number of students and researchers, book reviews, site reviews, and special features.
Design for Community
Book by Derek Powazek consisting of chapters on specific issues of community-building and interviews with successful online community builders. Site includes book excerpts and the author's recent essays.
Digital Geographer
Information architecture, interface design, and strategy for online places. Tips, tricks, and articles comparing real and online communities to improve your relationship with customers, clients and employees.
A public service from BEA dedicated to documenting the e-generation through its autobiographical stories.
Teach uses of the Internet for Christian evangelism.
Promotes inquiry into and discussion of intellectual, philosophical, artistic, and literary issues, and works for the intellectual and social achievement of society.
Foundation for Digital Culture
A non-profit organization whose purpose is to promote and support digital culture and art on-line.
Full Circle Associates
Provides strategic facilitation, online community development, marketing, and project management services.
Generation 2000
Everyone is welcome to join this community and build a mega online community where all the members can share their profiles, interests, hobbies, favorites and attitudes.
Gnomedex 2002
Annual technology convention supported by Lockergnome Inc. Includes information about the keynote speakers, news updates, how to get there, online registration and discussion forums.

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