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Chat Listings
Habbo Hotel
Online chat community. Shockwave required.
The largest and first network that supports Hangul (Korean Alphabet) environment that was created in 1993.
A small network with news, channels, servers, and services.
Small and friendly network. Site contains information on the staff, servers, network goals, services, support, and acceptable use policy.
Offers a wide variety of services including forums, FAQ, clients, and projects.
InfinityChat IRC Network
A place to meet new people and make friends from others from around the globe, play games, and own a personal chatroom.
IRC and WebTV Chat Network
Focuses on free speech. Java client, network details, forum, information for WebTV owners. Offers Web space and e-mail accounts to users.
Mid-sized (25,000+ users), Hispanic based network. Safe and active chatting between clients and administration is welcomed along with a friendly atmosphere.
IRC2 IRC Network
IRC2 IRC Network Homepage with information on contacting staff, services, servers and staff.
IRCSoulZ Network
One of the greatest IRC chat networks on todays internet. Very friendly with lots of ppl to give assistance with every need.
IRCX-City Chat Network
Official website for the IRCX-City chat network.
Send messages to people you don't know. Allows users to send short notes to virtual message centers that mirror actual locations.
Joe Hollywood's Bang
Free web-based chat rooms with attitude. Sign up for a private room for your site.
Kailove Chat Town
Various themed colorful chat rooms available.
KickChat IRC Network
This is the site for the kickchat , java chat, message boards, server lists, staff.
KnightNet IRC Network
KnightNet is a medieval themed IRC network with many warm channels like #Funfactory or #Lobby24.
KreyNet IRC Network
Contains server, channel and services information. Accessible by a java chat applet and contains full services.
LagNet IRC Network
LagNet was formed by a group of users as an experiment, and from then, has grown into one of South Africa's largest online communities. Contains rules, server, staff, channel and services information.
LNX Chat
Offering Linux help to the newbies on a small, group oriented network.
Luxusbuerg Chat Network
The most popular chat platform in Luxembourg. Enjoy chatting with more than 5000 people everyday.

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