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Chat Listings
Eleethal IRC
Founded February 20, 2001, using latest technologies in IRC including a BotServ, and using access levels instead of aop/sop.
EQUNet IRC network
Official WWW site for the EQUNet IRC Network which offers information about their servers, policies, background and services.
Variety of rooms to choose from. Includes free email.
Friendly irc network with servers from around the world. Services available.
Exodus IRC Network
Website contains channel information, policies, servers, services help, and webcams. Site also contains a download page for scripts and clients.
FadeNet.Net IRC Network
Originally created to be an alternative to AIM's Computing Chat.
Fantassia's Palace
Includes rooms for all types, adult, general, and fantasy. All rooms are monitored for trouble makers. Must register.
Fire-House 58
Variety of chat rooms to choose from. Includes music, games, and email.
ForeverChat IRC Network
Information on the net's services, acceptable user policy, servers, and rules.
Network homepage that has information pertaining to server linking, servers, rules, popular channels, and updates.
Freeworld IRC Network
Aims to provide a friendly chatting environment. Includes full services, a java applet with no need for a client, server information, and user biographies.
Formed with the sole purpose to bring a reliable, comfortable, and stable chatting environment to the Internet community. Includes a java chat applet and full services.
Gamers Network
IRC chat, java chat, voice chat, forums, Come chat about games or anything.
Dedicated to internet gaming. Includes basic game information and server information.
Includes network information, server and admin lists, policies, and information on offered services.
Global IRC Network
Offers games and features. 20 biggest channels can use free email. 10 biggest channels can use free globirc mailing list with web interface.
A chat server with games, services, and staff.
A place to chat, through IRC or the Java applets, along with a lot of chat-related information.
GreatExcape IRC Network
Information on servers, staff, java chat, support, rules, and FAQ.
A general chat network featuring complete user services. Home to channels for several popular online comic strips.

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