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Abuse Listings
Spam Hole
Provides free, anonymous, temporary e-mail forwarding addresses. These addresses can be created on the fly. You decide how long the address lasts.
Spam Identifier
Tools for identifying the source of spam and reporting it.
Spam Interceptor
Anti-spam software utilizing a combination of filters and a human only authentication system.
Spam Prevention Early Warning System
SPEWS maintains a list of known spam sources and spam friendly hosts so that e-mail can be rejected from these problem sites.
Spam Resource
Collection of articles written by a former employee of MAPS.
Spam Vaccine
Software which stops spam by scrambling email addresses on Web pages. Visitors to a site see an address, but address-harvesting bots don't. Mac and Windows versions available for free trial and for purchase.
Spam Ware
List of known bulk email software regarded as Spamware.
Organization that fights SPAM and offers SPAM-fighting techniques. Both in French and in English since 1996.
Web based spam filtering service. Checks POP accounts every 10 minutes and removes spam based on filtering rules as well as personal white & black lists.
Personal (DNSBL) list of abusive networks that the author blocks from sending mail or accessing his web servers.
Spambag of the Month
Makes examples of people who feel the need to send unsolicited emails. Sample emails and follow-up information.
SpamCon Foundation
Supports measures to reduce spam. Newsletters, mission statement, and history.
A call for all internet users to turn the spammers' own email addresses into spam bait.
Offers disposable email addresses, to reduce the amount of spam in your inbox.
Spamhaus Block List (SBL)
All IPs on the SBL belong to known spammers, spam gangs, or spam support services.
Offering anti-spam program and disposable email addresses.
Turns junk email into streaming audio broadcast.
SpamX - Blocking
Effective software to help block and report the sending of spam. Works with existing POP3 email account(s) and runs on Mac or Windows computers.
Stop Messenger Spam
Software to stop messenger spam and Windows pop-up spam. Tutorials on how to manually disable messenger spam are also available.
The Spam Avenger
Offers audio samples of phone calls to spammers and a possibility to buy a CD.

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