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Abuse Listings
Open Relay Database (ORDB)
A validated database of mail servers that permit third-party relay. Also in Francais, Nederlands and Dansk.
OpenRBL DNS Lookup
Enter an IP address or a hostname to find out which blacklists (if any) list it.
Pirat Stop Team
Provides an online service to rightholders who wish to take action against infringing website owners.
Pirated Sites
A portal for sites pilfered, plundered and otherwise not original. Working to stop the theft of design and code.
Maintains a global Do Not Contact List which contains the names, addresses, phone/fax numbers, and emails of individuals and families who do not want to receive unsolicited offers or promotions.
Remove Me Now!
Spam reduction service, featuring low-cost membership, and email marketer cooperation.
Rev. Steve Winter
Documentation of alleged computer crimes, stalking and harassment according to Steve Winter.
Rfc-ignorant is the clearinghouse for sites who think that the rules of the internet don't apply to them.
Sam Spad
Software tools for tracking spam.
Monthly e-zine about recognizing, preventing and fighting all types of fraud, misinformation and abuse perpetuated with the help of the internet.
Security Focus
Site maintains an extensive database of vunerabilities and solutions including Denial Of Service attacks.
Send Us Spam
The only web site on the planet that wants your spam and other unsolicited, bulk, or junk email.
E-mail filtering services. Provides spam filtering, anti-virus protection, attachment blocking, policy filtering, store and forwarding service, as well as detailed reporting.
Use disposable email addresses to communicate with businesses that you do not fully trust, then delete them if you get spam.
Solidaridad Con Brian
A famous hoax email translated into many different languages.
Spam Archive
Database of known spam to be used for testing, developing, and benchmarking anti-spam tools. Accepts user contributions.
Spam Arrest
POP3 service that blocks spam using sender verification methods.
Spam Conference
Held at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, U.S.A. Site includes news, abstracts and webcasts of talks, and schedule.
Spam Faq
Instructions for tracing e-mail and filtering.
Spam Gourmet
Provides disposable e-mail addresses. Users can also set up rule sets for trusted or permitted senders.

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