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Email Listings
List Of Email Addresses
List Of Email Addresses.
Is a really helpful program for effective communications with your customers and help you manage e-mail contacts.
Break the Chain
Research, advice, and links to help stop the spread of email hoaxes, misinformation, and chain letters.
Chain Letters Central
Collection includes, letters, jokes, surveys, and petitions.
Clueless Mailers
Highlights the dramatic increase in unsolicited email spam transmitted by mailers and network marketers using unconfirmed address lists.
Hundreds of little signature files now have a place to call their own.
Ebola Monkey Man
Pissing off Nigerian 419 Scammers one at a time. Watch the Ebola Monkey Man drive these scammers crazy!
Email Disclaimers
Offering information about email disclaimers including legal aspects, sample disclaimers, software, books, and more.
Offers information on how to create a company email policy and enforce it with email security software.
Future of Email
Receive a hosted animation signature for your e-mails that you can send from any e-mail account and any computer in the world.
IMAP Connection
Information about IMAP, the Internet Message Access Protocol.
Free spam filter that allows users to create a temporary email address for viewing web sites
My John Hancock
Creates animated signature files for emails, newsgroup posts, web sites, and more.
Useful and amusing information about some scams and financial frauds.
A collection of unintentionally funny scam letters and responses that are supposedly from the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation.
Send Mail
News, information, and community to better connect the users of Open Source sendmail, which handles an estimated 75 percent of the Internet's email traffic.
Offers humorous and serious notations.
Respond to spammers via this application that parses offending email and composes a message for you to send to the site of origin's network administrator.
Mail classification program for Windows that can help separate your spam from the mail you really want to read.
Why Spam is Bad
Offers links explaining spam, why it can harm potential spammers, and how to advertise responsibly using email.
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