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Top 3 Things Preventing the Switch to Apple Macs By Val Morales

Being a recent convert to Apple, I have become in recent months an evangelist of sorts. I have been trying to convince family and friends to buy an Apple Powerbook or Mac and to drop their windows dependency. In this time I have come across the same three or so excuses that are preventing them from buying a Mac.
Not Knowing

The first is not really an excuse so much as it is being uninformed. People imagine Apple computers being some foreign thing, akin to the first Tandy computers that first came out. What's funny is that these same people all have ipods, iphones, and download music from itunes. When I tell them "you know, that ipod that you like so much is made by the same people that build Macs", a light bulb immediately turns on and I'll usually get a response like, "I never really thought of it that way." I'm shocked by this response, because it shows the clear disconnect some people have with the new Apple products versus, what Apple used to be known for which is quality computers.

Corporate America

The second biggest issue preventing users from making the switch to Apple, is their work. Most all corporate America uses Windows as their operating system. So really, everyone has been trained in a way to use Windows and in turn it has become the Wal-Mart of operating systems. I try and tell them, look there is a Target store over here that has nicer stuff, less clutter, and less of a wait in line (problems) and its called Macintosh.


Now we get to the real nitty gritty of why most users won't switch, the price. It's true that Apple for the longest time had some shockingly high prices for their computers, but I explain that has changed a lot with the recent shift in direction of the company. My recommendation is to buy a second hand or used Apple computer to get your feet wet. That way if you don't like it at least you didn't spend the full price on one. But I still haven't met one person who turns around on a Mac. Once you go Mac, you never go back.

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