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All About Repairing Scratched DVD By Victor Epand Platinum Quality Author

Scratches on a disc are a common issue with children these days. They play games continuously and recklessly running the same disk over and over again. Scratches on a disc are a common issue with children these days.They play games continuously and recklessly running the same disk over and over again. This excessive usage of a particular DVD can damage it in the form of scratches or gauges.
Though the players are well adapted to regular use. They are remarkably resistant to casual scratches. It may cause a CD player to skip or in case of DVD show odd video artifacts.

While players are remarkably durable it is impossible to prevent it from scratches and scuffs from occurring from time to time. So there must be adequate measure too to keep some control on such misuse.

There are various processes to repair scratched DVD may be temporarily or permanently. Though at times if it is hard damage it may be not remediable. The extent of repair possible depends on the amount of damage caused to the disc.

To repair the DVD first of all we need to thoroughly check it by ourselves. We need to see if the scratch is beyond repairing by holding the disc up to light. The light should not be very harsh, as it would spoil the disc. If the light can be seen passing through the scratch then the disc is permanently destroyed and cannot be fixed.

If the scratches are not too deep, we might make an attempt at fixing the ailment temporarily. Scratches on the upper label surface are impossible to repair but the shiny playing side of the disc is curable.

As a hard and fast rule a CD should be cleaned with thin linen only. Water can also be used to lend a helping hand. If the process produces no results we have a secondary option of polishing the disc with toothpaste, which should be paste not gel in its form. Then cleaning with a wet and clean linen cloth will do.

The thing worth remembering is we must not try cleaning by rubbing in circles but from inside the ring of the disc towards the outer edge.

The repairing of the disc also depends on the amount of damage caused to it. As the scratches on the label side can prove to be a death sentence for them because most discs do not have an additional protective coating on the label side.

Applying a layer of thin wax used in automobiles can also be helpful in polishing the disc and can smoothen the scratches to make it audible or visible. We can give it to a music shop to repair it. Sometimes they remove the upper coating of the disc removing the light scratches and lightening the deep gouges. This helps us restore our discs in the safe form to be played again.

But if these methods are not effective then there is only the method of repairing kits and polishes or disc refinishing machines, left to try. These are available at game shops where they can industrially repair the disc in a mechanical way.

It has also been seen sometimes that there are differences from one disc player to another in the sensitivity to damaged discs. They can handle scratches better than others. Computer CD drives best handle this.

If all these methods prove ineffective then the disc is not worth a repair and has to be forgone. It can be used no further if not repaired by any of these methods. If it still plays on abruptly we can keep it or destroy it according to our wishes.

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